How can I make my computer faster?

Most people who use computers are always asking how can I make my computer faster? There are some ways to speed up a computer by cleaning your drive, getting rid of unnecessary programs, by defragmenting your hard drive, but when you say make my computer faster, you mean for it to really speed up and these ways to get the computer to speed up do not speed it up by that much. When you want your computer to run faster, you really want an appreciable difference in how fast your computer runs. This can be done today by replacing that magnetic hard drive in your computer with a Solid State Drive or SSD which will solve your question of how I can make my computer faster.

How can using a SSD make your computer faster? To answer that question you need to know what a SSD is and how it works. A SSD is made with semi conductors and chips just like a flash drive. A hard drive has moving parts like motors and magnetic disks and the computer has to access the data from the numerous disks which takes a bit of time. A SSD on the other hand has no moving parts and is the same size as a magnetic hard drive which it can replace. Now you may ask how a SSD will make my computer faster. Since this drive does not have any moving parts it can access data almost instantly and in tests has shown itself to be at least 20% faster than magnetic hard drives. If a 20% increase in speed can help you solve your problem of speeding up your computer you can replace your hard drive with a SSD.

To use a SSD in your computer, without losing any data that you have on your hard drive, you will first have to clone your hard drive onto the SSD. There are software programs available to do just that. You can just use a free program available like Easeus Disk-Copy or CloneZilla. What you will need is an USB adapter for your SSD with which you can connect the SSD to your computer via a USB port. Now by using one of the software programs for cloning your hard drive, you will be able to clone your hard drive onto the SSD. Now all you have to do is replace your magnetic hard drive in your computer with the cloned SSD. With the new SSD installed in your computer you can now compare the difference in the speed of your computer and ask yourself whether by changing the hard drive did the SSD make my computer faster.

An SSD drive has some advantages over a hard drive. Not only does it access data quicker, but it is much lighter than a hard drive. So it not only solves your question of how to make my computer faster, but it also makes your computer lighter. Since a SSD has no moving parts it consumes lesser power than a hard drive, this means that if you install it in your laptop, not only will it be lighter but your battery will last longer at the same time as solving your question of will it make my computer faster? Not only do SSDs use less power and are lighter, but they also do not produce much heat, this means that you do not have to worry about your computer overheating.

When you ask the question why could I not have used a SSD before to make my computer faster. The answer would be that SSDs were quite expensive and did not have much storage capacity. Even now you might ask yourself should I go for an SSD to make my computer faster or should I wait till the price comes down and the capacity increases before using a SSD to make my computer faster. The answer to that would be that the manufacturers of SSDs are working on reducing the price as well as increasing the storage capacity. How soon they will be able to do both at a price that you can afford is to be seen. But as of now the only recourse to really speed up your computer is to replace your hard drive with a SSD that is available in the market.

At present there are many manufacturers of SSDs and with the advances being made in the field of SSDs and the price dropping, they might in the near future be fitted in all computers replacing the existing hard drives. If this comes to pass your question of how to make my computer faster may not apply, because you would not have to worry about the problem of increasing the speed of your computer, but just invest in a computer that already is equipped with a SSD.

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